Me Now

I live in Seattle with my boyfriend Jonathan and our puppy dog Dante. I moved here from Boston a little over a year ago and am in love with the Pacific Northwest.

I have been in recovery from self-harm for three years and my anxiety and depression are pretty well controlled (thanks to the right combo of meds and CBT and DBT skills). I am still in the process of recovering from my eating disorder. I have not binged or purged in a little over two years and have been at a really truly healthy weight for about eighteen months. My biggest struggle currently is my body dysmorphia.

I work fulltime as a nanny for two little girls, an eighteen month old and a nine month old (not sisters), and a great dane named Bailey who I’m pretty sure thinks I come everyday just to look after her.

I am planning on going back to college fulltime next fall to study psychology and neurobiology. I am going to finish school and train as an FBT and help families get good, effective treatment for eating disorders.

UPDATE (september 2012): I am about to start my second quarter as a full-time student at the University of Washington. My boyfriend and I got engaged about three months ago and I am now almost three years into my recovery from ED.

One Response to Me Now

  1. KrisB says:

    What a terrific goal. We need many more FBT therapists. That treatment is not available to so many who might benefit from it. I hope you will blog someday about body dysmorphia. If you remember, I was asking you about it at the conference. I have a pretty good idea about so many aspects of eating disorders, having a daughter who is a long-time sufferer of several of them who is now working hard on recovery. But she doesn’t have significant dysmorphia, and it is so hard for me to “get” it. Yes, it is irrational by definition, I know. You did the best job of explaining it that I’ve ever heard when we were talking in Alexandria. I was asking how, for example, if your body fits into a certain size of clothes, and you think that size is an okay size – then how does the dysmorphia still activate? You said something along the lines of you then feeling that your body somehow is weird or wrong in some other way. Forgive me if I didn’t get that right, but I think I got the gist of it. Anyway, I’d like to hear you talk more about this someday, if you are so inclined!

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