Year in Review

A (slightly belated) overview of 2011:

January: Joined a rec league soccer team which was a pretty big deal in several ways. I wrote in an email to a friend that I was amazed that my body was healthy enough to play a 90 minute soccer game and that my mind was healthy enough to go out with my teammates afterwards for beer and nachos.

March: One year in my healthy weight range!

May: Celebrated 4 years (minus a six month-ish break up period) with my amazing boyfriend.

June: Had a good visit with family and friends back in Boston.

August: One year in Seattle. I LOVE this city.

September: Completed (and got a good grade in) my second college course at UW. The class was hard and brought up a lot of feelings of inadequacy and fears of failure. But I asked for help and was successful. And decided to apply to go back to school fulltime in 2012.

October: Celebrated two years without binging and purging while simultaneously slipping into some restriction.

November: Attended the FEAST symposium! It was awesome and I met so many amazing people and shared laughter and tears and good food. It was also challenging and emotional in a lot of ways. I can’t wait for the next one. Oh yeah I turned 26 too.

December: Had a pretty hard month with ED thoughts, anxiety, and depression but pushed through and am doing well getting back on track with eating. Celebrated the new years with good food and great friends.


2 thoughts on “Year in Review

  1. KrisB says:

    It appears you have an excellent handle on recovery, including having fun things to do and good people to share your life with. Best of luck (I know you have the skillage!) with your plans for the future and continued health, both physical and emotional/mental.

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