2013 Year in Review and 2014 Goals

2013 was a hard year guys. It had some great moments and some pretty shitty ones and all in all I’m not sad to see it go. My dog had cancer (super shitty although he is ok now), we got married (awesome but super stressful), I struggled through three more quarters of school (really rough but at least I am closer to being done), my husband decided to make a major career change and apply to graduate school in a new field (we feel good about this but it is stressful and means we don’t know where we will be next year), and I dealt with several episodes of depression and severe anxiety and some lapses into restriction (super shitty although I am doing well now).

2014 is going to be a big year too. I (knock on wood) will graduate college and we will most likely be leaving Seattle. Other than finishing school, my only real goals for 2014 are to keep moving forward with recovery by dealing with some lingering issues in therapy and being more honest with my husband when I am struggling. It would be great if I started blogging again, got more exercise, and went back to volunteering at the animal shelter but I’m not putting too much pressure on myself about those things.

Happy new year everyone!



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