The Double-Edged Sword of Stigma-Reduction

I am taking an abnormal psychology class this quarter and its pretty terrible which makes me angry and frustrated and sad (and we haven’t even gotten to eating disorders yet!). A large portion of the curriculum seems to be dedicated to reducing stigma around mental illness. Which is great (although not really what I think […]


I would like to announce to the entire world (or, you know, the two people who read this blog) that I successfully bought a swimsuit. Not only did I buy one but I think I will be willing to wear it in public and I actually kinda sorta even think I look cute in it. […]

2012 Year in Review and Goals for 2013

Last year I made an ambitious list of new year’s resolutions. Let’s see how I did shall we? 1. Go to bed earlier. Didn’t do such a great job with that. Definitely something to keep working on. 2. Apply to school (and get in). Success! I applied to University of Washington and started full time […]


October 15th was my three year recovery anniversary (ie three years since I last binged and purged and began really working on recovery) which is pretty freaking’ awesome. But you know what’s even more awesome? I didn’t even remember until today. On Monday I was too busy going to classes, having lunch with my boyfriend […]

My Recovery ABC’s

Carrie shared thisĀ a while back and it inspired me to do my own recovery ABC’s. Some of these things were important right from the start and others were important in solidifying my recovery and moving forward and this is by no means an exhaustive list of things that were necessary or even helpful in my […]

Big Changes

There are big things happening! I don’t post much about my personal life but I have two pieces of very exciting news that I want to share with you all. I found out about three weeks ago that I got into the University of Washington. The anxiety about school starting was INTENSE. It was a […]