I Believe

I believe that eating disorders are BIOLOGICAL BRAIN DISORDERS. Some people are biologically predisposed to develop an eating disorder if exposed to malnutrition, be it intentional (dieting) or unintentional (illness, growth spurt, intensive sports training).

I believe that families are NO ONE is to blame for an eating disorder. Families do not cause them; patients do not choose them. EVER.

I believe that FULL REMISSION is possible. Sufferers can regain their health and happiness and live a life without ED. However, they must remain humble to their biology, aware of their triggers, and vigilant for signs of relapse. RECOVERY is a VERB not a DESTINATION.

I believe that NUTRITIONAL RESTORATION and COMPLETE WEIGHT RESTORATION are the first steps towards remission.

I believe that families and clinicians cannot expect sufferers to take charge of their own nutritional and weight restoration because that is asking the (nearly) impossible.

I believe that learning about the neurobiology of eating disorders (and all mental illnesses) gives us HOPE. It EMPOWERS families to help their loved ones reach recovery and empowers sufferers to maintain their recovery once they are able.


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