Why blog?

I never wanted to have a blog. Frankly the idea of writing things and putting them out there into the world for other people to read is downright terrifying.

So why blog? It was this post of Marcella’s (or actually a comment Marcella made explaining that post on another blog) that inspired me.

I dare (and it does indeed feel daring and brave) because I have to. I dare to get involved in advocacy and education and the online eating disorders community because I feel a responsibility to do so. I would never in a million years generalize that to say that all recovering/recovered ED sufferers have a responsibility to get involved with advocacy or to go into the ED field professionally as I plan to do or even to speak out about their experience with people they feel comfortable with. I would say that I think educating ignorant people in our own lives is one of the best ways to eradicate harmful stereotypes and correct misinformation. And, speaking for me and me alone, I feel that I have a responsibility to get involved. Maybe I am just trying to get something meaningful out of my experience. Make lemonade out of the lemons or what not. But that’s ok too.

As I started thinking about blogging, my lovely little inner critic starting chirping away. “You don’t have anything important to say” she said. “And even if by chance you happened to miraculously come up with something even remotely clever or intelligent to say, someone else will be able to say it better.” But you know what? Its not about saying the smartest thing in the most clever way (die, perfectionism, die!). It is about being one more voice out there on the giant internet who isn’t writing utter shite about eating disorders. Its about being one more cicada and believing that together we will make enough noise to be heard.





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